Kisarawe School Project

First Constructions

We arrived in Sungwi – Kisarawe early in the morning with a team of six masons (builders). The place was overgrown with tall Elephant grass. We divided ourselves in four groups, where one group was to outsource building materials, another group to clear the sight and have it ready for construction. The third group was to collect water and firewood and the fourth group was assigned the job of making a temporary shelter and to start cooking the food. By evening all groups had finished their duties, except the ones assigned to bring water and building materials, this was due to the unavailability of both water, sand and bricks in the neighborhood.

For materials we had to go as far as Masaki town or even Dar es Salaam city which is around 50 kms away. We worked hard each day and had a great time, having fun while getting the job done. Every evening, the builders joined the village youths to play football since it was the only activity that they could get involved in.

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Sports ministry

We had another great week in Kisarawe with Sungwi community youths full of activities. It was the week that we got to know the youths and bond together as we involved ourselves in moving around the villages, visiting their homes and clearing more ground for the sports field on True Grasses land. It was such a great time to see big numbers of young and old come to help clear land for the sports.

We had our first game which involved the group that was building and the youth in the community and it was a great time for building friendships and learning from each other. As more youths are now showing interest and turning up in big numbers for the football games, the need for more balls is now evident.

Are you interested in pictures? You can have a look at them here.

Water issues in Kisarawe

The scarcity of water in the villages of Sungwi in Kisarawe district is alarming. There are some hand dug water wells but all have salty water. Despite these wells having salty water, the people have no option but to use this water sources for all their water needs. The water sources are unhygienic, contaminated and over stretched since they serve people, animals, construction and vegetable watering.

To get fresh water, trucks travel all the way from Dar es Saalam City (42 kms away) to bring water to Sungwi villages. Each 20 liter of fresh water bucket goes for 500 Tsh, which is over and above the normal price of 50 Tsh, within Dar Es Salaam area.  During the last construction, we used 100 buckets of water every day for 7 days, buying each bucket at 500 Tsh.

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Brick Making Machine

For building projects in poor communities in the developing world, quality affordable bricks are essential. In rural Kisarawe communities, we have difficult access by transportation and the costs of transporting large amounts of bricks are very high. This puts a drain on funds and therefore a way to cut back on a large fraction of construction costs is by buying a brick making machine and producing our own bricks instead of buying them from a supplier. With proper means to ensure good quality of the produced bricks in place, this makes life a whole lot easier for us in regards to building the Pwani Hope School.



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Maize & Casava farms

The maize was planted on the school compound earlier this year and underwent some weeding during the month of April. Due to there being a lot of heavy rains with limited sunshine, the maize grew slowly, but now Kisarawe is seeing a relief of the weather and so with the increase of sunshine, we hope that the maize will be harvested in the coming months. Cassave was planted (underground yam type) which is doing very well and we expect a good harvest. The farm has continued to create employment  to some community members  as they come to plant and weed.

Since the harvest is now nearing, we are raising funds to build a store within the school land that will store the maize and cassava for future usage and sale.

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