True Grasses' sustainability initiatives are critical for continuing development. The purpose is

  • To generate income to sustain True Grasses’ activities, caring for deprived, excluded and vulnerable persons.
  • Create a training component for True Grasses young adults to become future business leaders.
  • Create employment opportunities for True Grasses deprived, excluded and vulnerable people and the extended community.
  • To facilitate community transformation.


Current projects

Tanzania’s fertile land and favourable climate provide the perfect environment to support sustainable projects through agricultural and livestock farming.

  • Corn/Maize & Vegetable Farms: True Grasses currently operates a 11 acre agricultural farm located near the Kisarawe School Project plot. The farm currently provides basic grains to villagers and in future will be producing vegetables as well to feed the school children. More land will be developed for farming in various parts of Tanzania.
  • Piggery and Poultry farms – A poultry and piggery farm is currently under development. Once our barns have been completed, the facility will keep chickens mainly for eggs and meat production and pigs for meat to be sold to the local market as well as school use.


Future projects

  • True Grasses Guest Houses: We would want to operate a guesthouse in Kisarawe town to provide a beautiful, secure and cost-effective option for True Grasses international and national guests to stay in Tanzania.
  • True Grasses Football Club: Is in plan to start a football club with the farm and school staff. The club will compete regularly with other teams in the communities around the Kisarawe School Project and farm. This will give us a platform to interact with the wider community around the school and the farm and we will continue to use this in the next years as an opportunity to share the love of Jesus.
  • Impact on the community: At present, more than 5 community members are employed at the maize/corn farms. As a result, there have been tremendous social, moral and economic changes in their lives. A very significant change in the staffs' lives has been their commitment to giving their children better education, as the money they earn allows them to afford better schools.


If you would like to learn about ways that you can partner with us to grow our sustainable initiatives, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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