Have you been thinking about the work and you would like to contribute in some way, but not sure how, here are some ideas:

Gifts in kind

With the various courses starting at the vocational school we would like to bring the following to your attention: We can use big scraps of materials, threads, sowing materials, scissors, etc for the girls to practice on. Once we have a generator not only do we want to start the welding course, but also hair and make-up: Do you have such materials at home that you no longer need and still can be used, please such donations will help with practice. English children books or other English books for the library is another welcome item.

  • Donate Tool Kits

These tool kits will be used to equip the skills centre that trains the tailors, farmers, cooks and used to equip a workshop. The workshops, besides providing training to the scholars, are there to provide employment for several newly trained students as well as funds to run the school, with the proceeds of items made in these workshops. Therefore the gift of a tool kit can have a huge impact on a Kisarawe community school. The following kits are very welcome: Agriculture Kit, Sewing kits and hair/make-up Kit

  • Scholar Packs for Kisarawe Nursery School

It’s hard to believe, but it’s an all too common problem in rural schools across Tanzania for children to have no basic materials. How can children learn without these essentials of education pens, pencils or paper! Could you make up a Scholar Pack? Could the children at your Church or school make up scholar packs? Could your youth club/Scout or Guide group rise to the challenge?

Gifts in doing

We have a number of exciting opportunities to get involved in throughout the year. During spring if you are near Assen, we organise a Cycling tour sponsoring a specific project and just before Christmas we do a workshop on making Christmas decorations, which we then sell on a market. We would like to invite you for those events, please watch out on our Facebook page for the next event. Maybe you need some ideas how to take action where you are? Or maybe you want to get involved in Tanzania?

Gifts in knowledge

We are in need of a person to help us in communication.

  • Fundraising pages – we have tried setting up a page or two on various fundraising websites, but we are looking for someone that can devote their time on focusing on maintaining these pages, updating them and spreading the word.
  • If you have the gift of words and knowledge in websites and would know how to give our website/Facebook a boost, and help develop another website for our sustainable projects on tourism, please contact us.

Gifts in giving financially

Our goal is to make the project self-supporting through the production from workshops and businesses at school. We are still in the development phase and financial support is still needed to finish the building the vocational school and equipping the school with tools and equipment.

  • You can support the project with a one-time donation
  • You can promote the further development by regular donations
  • You can invest in trainees/scholars with regular donations

On the deposit you can note the special purpos. Here you can find our bank details as well as the paypal link.

Gifting in Prayer

Often it is forgotten that one who wants to get involved usually thinks of one of the above. But we are always very grateful when someone wants to dedicate his or her time to praying for the project, the work, school, community. And just as we need the above, we definitely also need those that pray! As we are nowhere without our Lord, our Guidance!!

There are always ways to contribute and we thank you for your interest in the educational work in Tanzania.

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