True Grasses focuses on helping poor orphaned and vulnerable girls in Africa to afford to stay in school. In Sub-Saharan Africa, cultural expectations have created a belief system that force girls to be the first to drop out of school and the last to be fed or to receive medical care. Without an education, a girl’s future is bleak: child marriage, domestic servitude, poor health, high mortality rates for her children and low wages. 

The main aim of our assistance is to provide good school education and vocational training. This creates a basis for the girls to be able to support themselves in life and be seen as long-term – to influence and change their communities in a positive way.

Research has also proven that secondary school training for girls in the developing world has a higher return on investment than any other effort. Therefore, while True Grasses' “Kisarawe School Project" will enroll both boys and girls, a focus is placed on ensuring girls complete their secondary training. 

The mission of True Grasses is to readily equip the students with adequate skills in business development that will encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, while vocational training will allow them to develop real-life skills that lead to employment and self-sufficiency and directly combating the cycle of extreme poverty

True Grasses is dedicated to giving girls the power and incentive to invest in their own future through education.

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