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Project Progress Update 2022

A lot has happened at our school project over these past years. This news is meant to give you an overview of the project progress since the start of the project.

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Science lab and Library

We are very grateful that the 5000 Euros came in so quickly for the registration of the school and everything around it. If you have it in your heart to give, we still have some 'projects' to do. These projects are necessary to start the next year, now with 2 classes. We will need more school desks to provide for the two classes, school books for the library, a requirement from the government including the textbooks from which students can learn. And we need equipment for the lab (for chemistry, physics, biology).

To us, 5000 Euros sounded a lot, but we had the confidence that this would come, only not so fast. To ask for more, also to God, was not in our minds, because the need was immediate, but also because when it comes to bigger things we are less inclined to trust God. This is our humanity and later I was thinking, even if we needed 10 times as much, if God wanted it and it is good in His eyes, He would provide it, right?

Will you continue to pray and share about the request for support?

Classes 1 and 2 and Pre-Form Classes

As we were awaiting the final answer from the government concerning the registration, we did allow students to enroll for this years ‘Pre-Form 1’ classes. This year about 120 students enrolled for the pre form classes. Many of these students have asked for the admissions forms for Class 1 coming year. We are doing admissions slowly and are hoping that the official registration number is in before the year closes.

Registration of the school

The second half of 2021 was mostly spent on the registration. Although the process was started in 2020, just before Corona, it has been a matter that we fully focused on in the last half year to ensure the registration of the school before the end of this year. With many meetings that followed, forms filled in, more paperwork and finalizing the last matters that needed to be built, added or bought to meet the requirements of the government to register.

Last week the last meeting was held with officials that checked if everything was in place. They wrote their report which is now on the way to Dodoma where we are awaiting the last document, which holds the very desired number of the school.

Will you pray for the last wait on the number for the school—meaning we are fully registered

Urgent need update

We want to start by expressing gratitude to God!! The 5000 euros we asked for arrived the weekend before September 1st!! We had asked for 1500 for Wednesday, September 1st, but God provided everything the weekend before. We are amazed, and am so incredibly grateful to God, HE foresees, but what a very great sign from God, such encouragement!! Thank you for everyone who prayed and gave! And thank you for trusting God and in the project!!!

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