Here's a friendly but urgent call. The school in Kisarawe is in urgent need of funds to complete the registration of the school.

We were able to start with the first students on the condition that we can arrange the registration this year. Contacts between the local school board and the national government were going well and registration should be arranged shortly. Now it is time for the local leadership to visit the school for the final round of registration and we are looking for funds for some necessary final adaptations. These include paperwork, transport, minor adjustments to the toilets and a certificate that the water from our source is safe.

If we fail to complete the registration, we will have to send students away, teachers will look for other work and this will have severe consequences for our project.

Would you like to help spread the word, or do you want to support the project? Thank you on behalf of the foundation, the students, parents, teachers, local community, and ourselves!

We have set up a crowdfunding page for the school registration, you can find it here.

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