Kisarawe School Project

Christmas workshop

It has become a tradition in recent years, we also held a Christmas workshop in the past two years. From workshop proceeds, a printer, router and printing paper were purchased. This will save us the cost of printing in a print shop. From the other workshop, learning materials for class 4 were purchased: Laboratory supplies/school books and other materials.

Cycling for a Gascooker

Last September, a nice little club of us held our annual bike ride. This time a somewhat longer trip. We spent our lunch break at the home of one of the foundation members. Despite being longer than usual, it was a wonderful ride that was enjoyed by the participants. In the end, the whole action brought in enough revenue for a gas cooker. Because a lot of wood is still being foraged and cut down, the government in Tanzania had put down a requirement that all schools must cook on gas from now on. This action fitted nicely with our cycling trip. We will cycle again in 2024! Feel free to email us for more information!

Teachers' house converted into boys' boarding house

Despite the obvious difficulties this year with the support/financial contribution and also requests for support, we were able to finish the teachers' house this year. The building had been used for some time by the night watchman and gardener and was awaiting the completion of the other rooms so that we could offer rooms to the teachers.

In the summer, we were asked if this could be finished so that the 'boarding' boys could move into that building. In the last few months, we have been working hard to finish the last two rooms as well and this will be used as a hostel for the boys in the coming year. And the classroom can soon be used for class 4.

Water well / gutters and Watchmen house

Thanks to a sponsor, we were able to start expanding the existing well. At the existing well, water is drawn by hand. With more students and the growing of fruit and vegetables, the need for water has increased and the current system is not sufficient. The idea is to use a pump to pump the water to several distribution points where there will be a large water tank to store the water. The initial construction is in progress. It will also remain possible for villagers to come and collect water for a small fee.

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Income projects: School canteen and shop

After months of hard work, not only were we able to start the school, but in March, the school shop and canteen were also finally opened! It still needs more work, but the first items have been sold and we hope to expand with more goods that aren't sold in the village, as well as products from the school and vegetable garden.

Also at the school canteen / cafe we sell the first breakfast and tea accompanied by various local snacks and foods. This too we hope to expand in the near future and we already anticipate the need of a second cook to help with preparing both for the students as well as the customers.

For now these two income projects have already helped with offsetting school administration costs like printing, fuel and communication costs and we are thankful for the start in helping towards paying for the schools daily costs.

Two girls sponsored - Update

Last time I shared about two girls being sponsored and I want to share here the story of one and how she came about to get the opportunity to study, instead of being married; and want to share with you a little about our other new sponsored student.

Last year Simon went around the community sharing about the importance of studying, even among girls (remember this is a community where many don’t continue after they have finished primary! This is including boys who would rather find an odd job to survive for the day). So Simon talked to a neighbour who was wanting to marry off his daughter, the thought of her studying wasn’t applauded by either dad or mum. However she herself stood up, shared her dreams and even threatened to take her own parents to police (as even though it is common it is not lawful to wed girls off and not allow them a further education). She had been the brightest student in Primary and there were great hopes for her in the future. The parents reluctantly let her go.

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Grasslands Secondary School Update

We are grateful to share the following with you: Since the beginning of the year, the School has been able to open a bankaccount specifically for the school. Also True Grasses Trust received it's Tax Identification number (TIN) and we are working on the last documentations for the school to have Tax Identification number (TIN) too. Tax numbers are a necessity and a government requirement for any company or business registration. The school will have a Business TIN number while True Grasses will have a non profit TIN number for charities, similar to a ANBI status in the Netherlands.

Besides these two requirements, Mark has been able to do all "Teacher paper work" for the school. This documentation concerning the teachers and other staff has to be up to date. This proper administration helps the headmaster and is necessary paper work for the government pension and tax returns.

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Two girls sponsored

In the past year, the school was able to teach two girls who were sponsored by two Dutch donors. Both we and they were very happy and grateful that they got this opportunity to study, even though their parents could not afford it. We were able to show them that they are just as important as the boys in their community and to show this to their parents.

Their second year started and unfortunately only one of them came back. The other was married off during the Christmas holidays at the age of 14. A harsh situation in which the school was built, a fact we have seen many times before and unfortunately this will not be the last time.

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Grasslands Secondary School

What good news we received on 30 December; in the afternoon Simon received a phone call, Mark Mwarabu, our project manager in Kisarawe was just on his way from Dodoma, the capital, back to Dar es Salaam, with the coveted piece of paper: The document on which the school is registered and with the number! How wonderful to end 2021 like this!y There are so many people who have worked on this and where weekly, sometimes daily phone calls back and forth to arrange the next steps! Thank you to everyone who has prayed and given, we are so grateful! As you know, we find it important to work together and believe that God brings us together and uses everyone's gifts in this project (and everywhere we work together as Brothers and Sisters).

20 January: The school opened this week and slowly students are coming in for class 1 and 2, old and new. We are still working hard to advertise the school and register students. And we expect that in the coming weeks there will certainly be more students, for which we are grateful.

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Project Progress Update 2022

A lot has happened at our school project over these past years. This news is meant to give you an overview of the project progress since the start of the project.

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Science lab and Library

We are very grateful that the 5000 Euros came in so quickly for the registration of the school and everything around it. If you have it in your heart to give, we still have some 'projects' to do. These projects are necessary to start the next year, now with 2 classes. We will need more school desks to provide for the two classes, school books for the library, a requirement from the government including the textbooks from which students can learn. And we need equipment for the lab (for chemistry, physics, biology).

To us, 5000 Euros sounded a lot, but we had the confidence that this would come, only not so fast. To ask for more, also to God, was not in our minds, because the need was immediate, but also because when it comes to bigger things we are less inclined to trust God. This is our humanity and later I was thinking, even if we needed 10 times as much, if God wanted it and it is good in His eyes, He would provide it, right?

Will you continue to pray and share about the request for support?

Classes 1 and 2 and Pre-Form Classes

As we were awaiting the final answer from the government concerning the registration, we did allow students to enroll for this years ‘Pre-Form 1’ classes. This year about 120 students enrolled for the pre form classes. Many of these students have asked for the admissions forms for Class 1 coming year. We are doing admissions slowly and are hoping that the official registration number is in before the year closes.

Registration of the school

The second half of 2021 was mostly spent on the registration. Although the process was started in 2020, just before Corona, it has been a matter that we fully focused on in the last half year to ensure the registration of the school before the end of this year. With many meetings that followed, forms filled in, more paperwork and finalizing the last matters that needed to be built, added or bought to meet the requirements of the government to register.

Last week the last meeting was held with officials that checked if everything was in place. They wrote their report which is now on the way to Dodoma where we are awaiting the last document, which holds the very desired number of the school.

Will you pray for the last wait on the number for the school—meaning we are fully registered

Urgent need update

We want to start by expressing gratitude to God!! The 5000 euros we asked for arrived the weekend before September 1st!! We had asked for 1500 for Wednesday, September 1st, but God provided everything the weekend before. We are amazed, and am so incredibly grateful to God, HE foresees, but what a very great sign from God, such encouragement!! Thank you for everyone who prayed and gave! And thank you for trusting God and in the project!!!

An urgent need

Here's a friendly but urgent call. The school in Kisarawe is in urgent need of funds to complete the registration of the school.

We were able to start with the first students on the condition that we can arrange the registration this year. Contacts between the local school board and the national government were going well and registration should be arranged shortly. Now it is time for the local leadership to visit the school for the final round of registration and we are looking for funds for some necessary final adaptations. These include paperwork, transport, minor adjustments to the toilets and a certificate that the water from our source is safe.

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Fencing and Store

In the past years many people would still walk across school land property from various directions. Now that students have started going to school there, a life fence is being planted to give security to all those at school. The School fence will provide security to school property, students, farm and finally secure a school.

Furthermore, the school built another extra room that will be used as a school store. With the school expanding and calls for extra space for school storage and also construction equipment.

Good progress on registration

We are thankful for the steps that have been made on the registration of the school and are working towards the last steps to have the school fully registered. It has been a long process since it involves a nursery school, secondary and vocation school hence calling a lot of logistics and permissions but hopefully very soon we will acquire school registration number.

Staff increase

After the pre-form classes and the start of the students coming for 1st grade in secondary schooling, we increased our staff with another two teachers. Now we have five teachers sharing the task between themselves of giving the students the various subjects. Besides this, each teacher has been given the task that he/she is responsible for, such as sports, general school cleanliness etc.

Laboratory demonstration science tables

Now that the school has laboratory demonstration class rooms to teach science for secondary school level, we bought 6 science laboratory tables mounted with water and gas outlets. In the future we hope to expand and add other laboratory appliances so we can offer a broader scale in the sciences.

Classroom update

Classroom block 2

Block 2 had been build and roofed but was waiting on the finishing’s. In February of 2021 this was finished. The windows and doors were fitted, walls plastered and painted and the floor filled and smoothed. Block 2 contains 3 rooms, of which one is designated for the library and the other two for science laboratories. One for physics, which will also be used for training in electrical installation and the other for chemistry and biology.

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When you enter a government office and they are excited with what you’re doing it shows the need is really high. This happened to pastor Mushema and Simon when asking for more information on registering for a vocational school and the various courses that we would like to start this year. The VETA government staff was very happy, welcoming and told how high the need is for there to be a vocational school in Kisarawe. We are hoping to start sewing lessons as well as welding and metal fabrication soon and Mushema is working on the papers for VETA (the government office for vocational course registration). Once the school has those, the sewing lessons will start, followed by the other subjecs, provided we have all the equipment needed.

Construction update

First teachers house

The first building that was built on the school land in 2015 has been used for various functions for example being the organisations and school office, site construction store, accommodation of construction workers. With the constructions going on, the office has finally been able to be transferred to the classroom blocks and this, originally build as a house, is now a home to the administrator. The house was completely finished at the end of last year and with the solar added, she has electricity, so she can do her work with better ease.

3 blocks of classrooms

With the finishing of the 1st block of 3 classrooms, another 2 blocks each with three classrooms have been built up to roofing level and we now have 9 classrooms in total. Though 2 classroom blocks are still waiting to be roofed, the school is really looking good with all these classrooms, office and everything coming in place slowly.

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Solar panels

It has now become an annual Christmas decorations event that Stichting True Grasses organises for ladies in December. Last year’s event sales went to help Kisarawe school purchase solar for the lighting of the school since the school has no form of power supply. From the sales solar power systems have been purchased and installed and now both the teacher’s house and office are provided with light during the night hence security of the school compound is safe and the school staff are able to charge their phones and laptop for the work. This has been a big step forward for the school as the teachers, administrators and other staff is happy with their work. Though more solar panels are still needed to help pump the water of the school well and the school chicken farm still needs lighting.

Kisarawe School Management Board

Having school buildings rise up from the ground is one thing, but when time comes to get a school board together it is another difficult task. But we are grateful that after consultations from the community and our local partnership church, capable and dedicated men and women from the community, church, Kisarawe school teachers and friends of the school have joined to make the local school board. This board will advise, supervise and represent the community and within this short time, they have already given advice on various matters. It is great to seeing the community so involved and take this school project to another level.

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Chicken farm and Goats

Besides the chicken business, which is going well, the school farm has both layers as broilers and both have produced such that we have already been able to expand. We also have goats. We started with only two mid last year and now we have 6 female goats and they are expanding steadily and we hope will make the school a sustainable school.

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Metal Fabrication and Welding Machine

Fitting the first classroom block with windows and door frames was very expensive as well as costly due to transporting them. The Kisarawe school building team evaluated and advised that it would be cheaper to make such doors and windows by the school, than buying them. And as the school construction is still happening, we are constantly looking at how we can keep construction costs low and affordable but endurable.

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Project Progress Update 2019

This update is to give you an overview on what has already happened at the Kisarawe School Project and how we plan to continue. For more information on the project, please refer to the project menu.

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Church Chairs

Last year, an event was organised together with “Zus en Zo” at “De Ark”. 200 Euros were collected at that event and during summer, 45 chairs were bought from this money. Now people no longer need to sit on the floor or collect the school desks from the school (which can bring damage being moved all the time), but can sit comfortably while listening to Gods Word during the church services. Besides them being used in the church, they can now host community meetings and have the members of the community have a proper seat during these meetings and gatherings. We thank the women of Zus en Zo and De Ark.

Donating Computers

We received over 50 laptops through a donation from LIVIT and we have been able to refurbish over 20 of these with English version of operating system and delivered 10 laptop computers to the Kisarawe community school already. They were handled over to the project manager of the school and during the hand over we had over 20 students who were excited to receive them.

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Additional constructions

Chicken Farm:

Anhart Foundation believes in agriculture and helping those in need with a means to be able to farm and thus gain an income for themselves. We from True Grasses believe in building a sustainable school, thus not relying on sponsors in the future. There have been various projects that are sustainable on their own and help with keeping the school sustainable. An example is the farm, which is providing the workers and students with food from the agriculture happening on the land. A team from Canada that came to visit the school and land, have also sponsored the building of a chicken farm, providing a place for the project to hold more chicken and thus produce eggs, meat and income to the school. The building holds space to keep up to a 1000 chickens, a store on one side for the food and to keep the eggs and a standard room for the manager of the chickens and the farm.

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Sewing machine update

On a hot spring day last May, a group of about 20 people cycled more than 40 kms to sponsor the event ‘Cycling for Sewing Machines’ and 500 Euro’s was collected. With this money, four sewing machines have been bought and there was already a waiting list of 15 ladies for the first lessons to start. Even though the vocational school is not running yet, lessons in vocational skills will be able to start with the sewing lessons in the beginning of 2019. We thank all those that cycled and sponsored this event for making a difference in lives of young women, making them future tailors and with that another chance in livelyhood.

Work on the classrooms continues

Finishing classrooms No. 1 and 2:

Every step is a step, but the awe of white walls, a chalk board and school desks is what we have all been working towards: A school for the children and girls of Kisarawe! There are so many individuals, organisations, foundations and churches that have helped towards this goal and we want to thank all of you! On the picture, you see some of the men that have worked on the constructions in one way or another.

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School desks

Last year at Christmas, True Grasses Netherlands organised a morning and evening for women to come together and make two pieces of Christmas decoration each. One to keep for themselves and the other one to be sold at an elderly people’s home. We ended up with more pieces of decoration than expected and after the event, the sale the next day and additional orders that had come in, 500 Euro’s was collected for school materials.

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Roofing Classrooms 2 & 3

In March True Grasses Tanzania had some representatives of CBG Canada come to visit the school. Seeing the need to finish classrooms 2 and 3 before the start of 2019, they donated money for the roofing of the first block. We are glad to say and see that three classrooms are now roofed. Now the next level of nursery 2 can start in 2019.

You can find some pictures of the progress here.

Project Progress Update

This update is to give you an overview on what has already happened at the Kisarawe School Project and how we plan to continue. For more information on the project, please continue to the project menu.

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Sewing machine

Many young women in rural Kisarawe do not have even a primary-level education and therefore their job opportunities are extremely limited. Some women are lucky enough to find a job as a household maid, or to hold a small store at the market, but unfortunately others resort to prostitution to earn a living. By providing these young women with the opportunity to take part in our tailoring course, we are offering them the chance to learn a skill that can set them up in a safe and secure job and provide them with a life-long career. This will not just help them to avoid poverty, but also to be able to fend for themselves and even more to become an accepted member of the community.

Would you support our cause and help us purchase sewing machines?

Canadian project teams

We had two teams from Canada visit the Kisarawe school project. One team mainly spend time interacting with our nursery school kids and teachers and project staff. The second team came to experience how True Grasses community water well is helping and changing lives of the community, as well as looking at agriculture and poultry.

School classroom No. 4

At the beginning of this year, support was given with which the fourth classroom was built. Now in total three classrooms are awaiting to be roofed and for the installation of the windows and doors to happen. It is our goal to roof all three classrooms before the end of this year so that those children that started in the nursery school this year can move up one class and new children can be admitted.

Kisarawe school student's toilets

With the nursery school having started to operate in the classroom that has already been finished, it was a necessity for student toilets to be built. The staff toilets are few and further away from the classroom. We hope to finish the toilets fitted with doors, plastered and with septic tank and water connected as the next funds that come in!

True Grasses updates 2017

The years 2017 and 2018 are years that True Grasses is focused on having Kisarawe School built to start admitting students. And indeed 2017 was a year full of positive achievements as the following milestones were achieved. It is not easy building in rural Tanzania. The lack of roads, electricity, materials as well as transport and limited funds would lead one to think nearly impossible. But it was yet another year to say our appreciation as we saw the school take shape as we achieved a lot and we were grateful for the provisions so far.

Roofing classroom no. 1

True Grasses focused so much to have the first classroom built so as to accommodate the nursery school kids and it has happened. Together with the local builders, the classroom was built in 2016, but roofing, doors and windows were fitted at the beginning of 2017. By the end of this year students were registered and desks and materials were brought in so that community nursery kids can start the year 2018 studying, for the first time enjoying their lessons in a secure and safe classroom. They have been walking long distances to find a school which is now within their village and thus they are filled with joy and happiness.

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Goals for 2017

Let us join hands to make education available Tanzanian girls of the 21st century.

Building of the school classrooms

True Grasses Tanzania Trust (TGTT) will still dedicate 2017 to mainly developing the school project to achieve our long-term goal of offering affordable education to girls in Tanzania. The focus will be building more classrooms as we empower the communities through education.

TGTT official office relocation to School project land

True Grasses Tanzania Trust will officially close down its Moshi office and relocate to Kisarawe project land where we have been able to build the office building to reduce on the operational costs of having two offices to manage. This will give the organisation focus on the school building project.

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2016 Achievements

We have received an awesome amount of support and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in us. The constant change and growth of the school project and the smiling faces that we see on the little girls show us how generous people have been in supporting True Grasses work, a cause that we are extremely passionate about and certainly has kept us going. We also want to say a huge thank you to our dedicated staff in Tanzania. We started the year 2016 with a very solid focus on the school project in Masaki, Kisarawe as we continue investing in education that will have a multiplicative positive effect that will influence future generations in the area.

Community water well

Sungwi and Masaki villages in Kisarawe where the school project is located has never-ending water problems and villagers together with their animals have and are always on the constant search of fresh water for their use and animals. True Grasses Tanzania Trust (TGTT) started drilling a water well on the school project land since in 2015 and this year 2016 we finished the well that is now serving the six villages of Kisanga, Mtembetini, Mkololo, Sungwi, Masaki and Mji Mpya with fresh clean drinking water. The well has reduced the time, distances and finances that women and young girls walk to find fresh water for their own use.

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Water Well Update

True Grasses has been working in the Sungwi villages in Kisarawe since 2013 and has travelled for hours with women and girls in search for water. As people have died due to the lack of basic sanitation, the necessity for clean water became very evident. We have been talking to villagers that had received access to a water well and heard them testify that cholera and other water borne diseases were completely eliminated from their villages after being able to fetch water from a well.

The water problem compelled True Grasses to want to immerse ourselves in making a difference by starting the water well project in late 2015. We did this during the height of the dry season so that we could find a relieable water source for the whole year. Though we were cautious, our first attempt to dig a well did not provide enough water and so we decided to make the well deeper. This was done during the second half of the past year. The well is now serving the six villages of Kisanga, Mtembetini, Mkololo, Sungwi, Masaki and Mji Mpya with fresh clean drinking water. It was a remarkable experience and quite a party when water well started producing water. Villagers were celebrating along the path with music as we drove by. Kids were running and screaming, “maji maji” (the Swahili word for water) and the “thank yous” lasted for days.

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New Donor Projects

We have updated our donor projects, setting the focus on the school project. Are you willing to support our cause?

Student Desk & Chair - € 40

Give a student a place to sit and learn and plan her future as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, professional athlete or cook. Wherever they are in the world, our future leaders need to be sitting on school desks today. Make a difference in the life of a girl child today!

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Donated: Brick Making Machine

For the last two years, all building activities have been difficult. Buying quality affordable bricks has been expensive and transporting them to the project site has been a challenge. This puts a drain on funds and therefore we have been looking for a way to cut back on a large fraction of construction costs. The only way was buying a brick making machine and producing our own bricks instead of buying them from a supplier. We are finally happy to have acquired our own brick making machine that we tested and we were able to produce 1600 bricks in one week using our new machine. We are now able to ensure good quality of the produced bricks in place. This makes life a whole lot easier for us in regards to building Kisarawe School.

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Kisarawe School Project News

A brief update on what has been going on during these past couple of months at the Kisarawe School Project:

School project architect / surveyor:

The school project land surveying  was put on hold as per the advise from the district land board because of the elections. Now that they are over and everything is back to normal, the survey process is going on though at a slow pace. We are now waiting for the last blue print for all the building drawings to come in, once they have been approved by the district building authorities.

Planting of trees:

We have been waiting on the rainy season, to start the planting of the trees. We are happy that, together with a team of village youths  from the community, the True Grasses team were able to plant shade and fruit trees following the school site plan. This tree planting exercise will go in phases until the whole school project land is finished. We are using this tree planting exercise to raise awareness to the community about dangers of cutting down trees and our plan is to help give the villages surrounding the school project fruit tree once funds come.

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Water issues update

Can you imagine collecting water from the source in this picture? Not just for feeding your animals, watering the garden or doing the house chores, but also for cooking and drinking? Some of the villagers in Kisarawe do!

Everybody understands that the lack of access to a clean water source not only hinders development, but also causes sickness and famine. Water is a key factor for food security expecially in times of increasing droughts and climate insecurities. Therefore providing clean drinking water is fundamental to empowering the local communities. With the help of our supporters, True Grasses was able to construct a hand dug well at the site of the Kisarawe School Project. With this well we are able to meet the needs of the construction work (reducing costs) and to provide clean water to some of the villagers that surround the area. However, the pressure put on this hand dug well is high and consequently access to a larger water source will be needed. The hand dug well has proven that at a depth of 18 meters there is a reliable source of fresh water that can provide for the community. Drilling a well at this site will give the school and the villagers an ongoing flow of water for years to come. Will you help us with this cause?

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Digging a well

We have been sharing the need of water in Kisarawe villages where girls & women walk distances in search of water for their homes and animals. The available water sources are always competed for, by people, animals, crops and also during construction. For example during the construction of the store / office on the Kisarawe school project area, we had to join the line with the local villagers & animals to get water. It was not only time wasting due to the distance but it was costly as we had to buy every 20 liter container at 500 Tsh, yet with the need of a couple of hundreds of liters that we needed each day. 

Because of the acute need of water, True Grasses decided to use the local method to hand dig a well, which is not only difficult but also dangerous to the men that dug the well by hand.

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The roof is up

There was again activity on the site of True Grasses' Kisarawe School Project area. Finally the store and office building is ready for use. The roofing was done together with the laying of the floor and windows & doors installations, all done within three days. On the fourth day we spent our first night in the house. 

As the roof was on and the doors and windows fitted , there was a big sigh for True Grasses, as now our construction equipment is safely kept in the store. 

We were able to identify a hard working, former homeless man who now stays and keeps the house. He was recommended by the village leadership as being a trusted older man, who will keep the house tidy and lively, with farming and rearing chickens on the project land as a way of his rehabilitation process.

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First Constructions

We arrived in Sungwi – Kisarawe early in the morning with a team of six masons (builders). The place was overgrown with tall Elephant grass. We divided ourselves in four groups, where one group was to outsource building materials, another group to clear the sight and have it ready for construction. The third group was to collect water and firewood and the fourth group was assigned the job of making a temporary shelter and to start cooking the food. By evening all groups had finished their duties, except the ones assigned to bring water and building materials, this was due to the unavailability of both water, sand and bricks in the neighborhood.

For materials we had to go as far as Masaki town or even Dar es Salaam city which is around 50 kms away. We worked hard each day and had a great time, having fun while getting the job done. Every evening, the builders joined the village youths to play football since it was the only activity that they could get involved in.

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Sports ministry

We had another great week in Kisarawe with Sungwi community youths full of activities. It was the week that we got to know the youths and bond together as we involved ourselves in moving around the villages, visiting their homes and clearing more ground for the sports field on True Grasses land. It was such a great time to see big numbers of young and old come to help clear land for the sports.

We had our first game which involved the group that was building and the youth in the community and it was a great time for building friendships and learning from each other. As more youths are now showing interest and turning up in big numbers for the football games, the need for more balls is now evident.

Are you interested in pictures? You can have a look at them here.

Water issues in Kisarawe

The scarcity of water in the villages of Sungwi in Kisarawe district is alarming. There are some hand dug water wells but all have salty water. Despite these wells having salty water, the people have no option but to use this water sources for all their water needs. The water sources are unhygienic, contaminated and over stretched since they serve people, animals, construction and vegetable watering.

To get fresh water, trucks travel all the way from Dar es Saalam City (42 kms away) to bring water to Sungwi villages. Each 20 liter of fresh water bucket goes for 500 Tsh, which is over and above the normal price of 50 Tsh, within Dar Es Salaam area.  During the last construction, we used 100 buckets of water every day for 7 days, buying each bucket at 500 Tsh.

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Brick Making Machine

For building projects in poor communities in the developing world, quality affordable bricks are essential. In rural Kisarawe communities, we have difficult access by transportation and the costs of transporting large amounts of bricks are very high. This puts a drain on funds and therefore a way to cut back on a large fraction of construction costs is by buying a brick making machine and producing our own bricks instead of buying them from a supplier. With proper means to ensure good quality of the produced bricks in place, this makes life a whole lot easier for us in regards to building the Pwani Hope School.



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Maize & Casava farms

The maize was planted on the school compound earlier this year and underwent some weeding during the month of April. Due to there being a lot of heavy rains with limited sunshine, the maize grew slowly, but now Kisarawe is seeing a relief of the weather and so with the increase of sunshine, we hope that the maize will be harvested in the coming months. Cassave was planted (underground yam type) which is doing very well and we expect a good harvest. The farm has continued to create employment  to some community members  as they come to plant and weed.

Since the harvest is now nearing, we are raising funds to build a store within the school land that will store the maize and cassava for future usage and sale.

Sports ministry

The government of Tanzania has never put aside land for recreation activities in Sungwi villages (Kisarawe) and so most of the youth after school/work have nothing to get engaged in and so end up hanging by the roadside or get involved into activities that are dangerous totheir health such as smoking, drugs, gambling. With the land that True Grasses has secured for the construction of the school, we have set aside land for the community recreation activities where True Grasses will donate a football and football jerseys for the games. We are grateful to the family ‘Zandinga’, who donated the sportswear. The youth in the community have agreed to prepare the land and set up the field for the activities. This recreation piece of land will serve both the school for their sports activities as well as the community. As this was announced cheers went up and wondering who this was that would give land where the government has failed to do so. We are now raising funds to improve on the field, such as football poles, but also a set of swings for the younger ones in the community.

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Water well

In countless Kisarawe villages, there is little or no access to clean drinking water. Often getting to the nearest water source requires the villagers to walk several miles, followed by a return trip. Most villagers carry heavy buckets or plastic drums filled with water on their heads. Even then, that water may not be clean – it may come from lakes, ponds or rivers that are shared with animals or from hand dug wells that might be located near village latrines. Such water is often contaminated and can cause sickness and many villagers are dying as a result.

With water being one of the absolute necessities of life. Join True Grasses as they commit to helping bring clean water to needy villages in Kisarawe.

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Piggery project

This project is part of the Pwani Hope School project:

The aim of the project is to raise income for the school in order to ensure sustainability of school operations but also imparting knowledge and awareness to the villagers of proper rearing of pigs as a project of supporting their livelihood. The school will also use pig manure for generation of bio gas which will reduce school cocking costs and cut down carbon emissions and also providing natural manure for the crops of the school farm.

The amount needed for buying one piglet (including injections) is € 50.


With the school project being in progress, True Grasses has been incurring a lot of costs in hiring transport and using local taxis for its work in Kisarawe villages and Dar es Salaam city. Now with the purchase of a motorcycle (piki piki), transport costs will be reduced by 50% for school construction supervision. Thanks again to our committed donor from the Netherlands who gave towards the project.



March Update

Last week True Grasses witnessed the site of the school being expanded with the purchase of more land where the proposed school will be build. Thanks to our donor that made this a reality. We were able to purchase 5 more acres of land that gives True Grasses enough land to carry out its activities as it empowers communities in Kisarawe villages.

Maize growing

The picture on the right shows a local villager clearing part of the school land before it is ready for maize planting this march. With the growing of maize, True Grasses gives locals employment on the farm and this activity has been realized from our donors in the Netherlands. Also with the growing of maize we already start the sustainability of the school, by providing feeds for the near future piggery project in Kisarawe and providing income for the project itself. 

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