For the last two years, all building activities have been difficult. Buying quality affordable bricks has been expensive and transporting them to the project site has been a challenge. This puts a drain on funds and therefore we have been looking for a way to cut back on a large fraction of construction costs. The only way was buying a brick making machine and producing our own bricks instead of buying them from a supplier. We are finally happy to have acquired our own brick making machine that we tested and we were able to produce 1600 bricks in one week using our new machine. We are now able to ensure good quality of the produced bricks in place. This makes life a whole lot easier for us in regards to building Kisarawe School.

The making of the bricks on site now offer jobs to local unemployed youths, as they will be involved in the production. This fits perfectly to our aim to include the local population in the process of constructing the school, ensuring that the facility is rooted in and supported by the local community. We are grateful for those who stood with us and gave towards this brick making machine. More pictures.

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