Last time I shared about two girls being sponsored and I want to share here the story of one and how she came about to get the opportunity to study, instead of being married; and want to share with you a little about our other new sponsored student.

Last year Simon went around the community sharing about the importance of studying, even among girls (remember this is a community where many don’t continue after they have finished primary! This is including boys who would rather find an odd job to survive for the day). So Simon talked to a neighbour who was wanting to marry off his daughter, the thought of her studying wasn’t applauded by either dad or mum. However she herself stood up, shared her dreams and even threatened to take her own parents to police (as even though it is common it is not lawful to wed girls off and not allow them a further education). She had been the brightest student in Primary and there were great hopes for her in the future. The parents reluctantly let her go.

Now this past February Simon spoke again to the father and he literally ‘gave’ Simon his daughter so she can finish school. An amazing change. We pray that through such stories and lives, God will touch these girls and help them to be a channel for change for others in the future.

Our new sponsored girl is 16 years old, also in grade 2, and is a teenage-mother. It is unheard of that such a girl would come back to school, it does not happen! Instead they would drop out and start looking after their children and start a family. Instead her mother is looking after her child (that being very common), so she has the opportunity to go back to school. We believe that not only her life, but that of her child is being changed!

We have more girls waiting for sponsors, will you be their change-agent?

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