There are many ways to actively support the work of True Grasses. For example by promoting our foundation and the work we do. Or perhaps you would like to organize a fundraising drive for True Grasses? We will be very happy to give you some ideas! If you need some inspiration, maybe you're interested in this story.


Ways of sponsoring and fundraising

All projects that fall under TG are only possible due to a few generous people, who donate towards the work of TG. We are continuously looking for more people who would like to join this ‘group’ either on a regular basis or a one-time and whether towards a specific destination or in general. Or you might be someone that wants to help in another way and you like the idea of fundraising. This way you contribute by helping and it will impact the projects, but even more the individual people. 

For the international, TG is registered with Indiegogo. We ourselves have started one project, which you can spread the word about, or think of an event yourself, add this to Indiegogo and get funds in via the web. For the Dutch, TG is registered with


Also feel free to contact us and pass on your ideas, if you would like to help and have great ideas, but don’t have time/means to work them out yourselves. We believe in working together and this is just one other way to do such!

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