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March Update

Last week True Grasses witnessed the site of the school being expanded with the purchase of more land where the proposed school will be build. Thanks to our donor that made this a reality. We were able to purchase 5 more acres of land that gives True Grasses enough land to carry out its activities as it empowers communities in Kisarawe villages.

Maize growing

The picture on the right shows a local villager clearing part of the school land before it is ready for maize planting this march. With the growing of maize, True Grasses gives locals employment on the farm and this activity has been realized from our donors in the Netherlands. Also with the growing of maize we already start the sustainability of the school, by providing feeds for the near future piggery project in Kisarawe and providing income for the project itself. 

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My story: Anna Ruth

I came to Tanzania when I was seven years old, grew up right here on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and was raised in this beautiful country as a Missionary Kid. For 10 years I called Tanzania my home as it was physically my address and for many years after that I called Tanzania my home, as this was where my heart was. When I moved back to The Netherlands to pursue my university education and later work, I travelled several times back to various African countries visiting and volunteering. These journeys continued to pull me back to Africa.  

I served on international Christian ships for 4 ½ years and I always asked myself the question, where is it that God wants me to serve and live. I knew it was somewhere in the developing world and eventually came to the conclusion that my heart was in Africa and that it was there where I wanted to plant my roots. I asked God one question, why is it that I want to go back to East Africa, is it because I had such a good childhood and I want to go back to that. Or did I grow up in Tanzania, so that one day I could go back there? I finally came to the conclusion, that I was not chasing my childhood, but that East Africa was my future and God had been preparing me for that.

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