Kisarawe School Project

Project Progress Update

This update is to give you an overview on what has already happened at the Kisarawe School Project and how we plan to continue. For more information on the project, please continue to the project menu.

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Sewing machine

Many young women in rural Kisarawe do not have even a primary-level education and therefore their job opportunities are extremely limited. Some women are lucky enough to find a job as a household maid, or to hold a small store at the market, but unfortunately others resort to prostitution to earn a living. By providing these young women with the opportunity to take part in our tailoring course, we are offering them the chance to learn a skill that can set them up in a safe and secure job and provide them with a life-long career. This will not just help them to avoid poverty, but also to be able to fend for themselves and even more to become an accepted member of the community.

Would you support our cause and help us purchase sewing machines?

Canadian project teams

We had two teams from Canada visit the Kisarawe school project. One team mainly spend time interacting with our nursery school kids and teachers and project staff. The second team came to experience how True Grasses community water well is helping and changing lives of the community, as well as looking at agriculture and poultry.

School classroom No. 4

At the beginning of this year, support was given with which the fourth classroom was built. Now in total three classrooms are awaiting to be roofed and for the installation of the windows and doors to happen. It is our goal to roof all three classrooms before the end of this year so that those children that started in the nursery school this year can move up one class and new children can be admitted.

Kisarawe school student's toilets

With the nursery school having started to operate in the classroom that has already been finished, it was a necessity for student toilets to be built. The staff toilets are few and further away from the classroom. We hope to finish the toilets fitted with doors, plastered and with septic tank and water connected as the next funds that come in!

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