Kisarawe School Project

True Grasses updates 2017

The years 2017 and 2018 are years that True Grasses is focused on having Kisarawe School built to start admitting students. And indeed 2017 was a year full of positive achievements as the following milestones were achieved. It is not easy building in rural Tanzania. The lack of roads, electricity, materials as well as transport and limited funds would lead one to think nearly impossible. But it was yet another year to say our appreciation as we saw the school take shape as we achieved a lot and we were grateful for the provisions so far.

Roofing classroom no. 1

True Grasses focused so much to have the first classroom built so as to accommodate the nursery school kids and it has happened. Together with the local builders, the classroom was built in 2016, but roofing, doors and windows were fitted at the beginning of 2017. By the end of this year students were registered and desks and materials were brought in so that community nursery kids can start the year 2018 studying, for the first time enjoying their lessons in a secure and safe classroom. They have been walking long distances to find a school which is now within their village and thus they are filled with joy and happiness.

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Goals for 2017

Let us join hands to make education available Tanzanian girls of the 21st century.

Building of the school classrooms

True Grasses Tanzania Trust (TGTT) will still dedicate 2017 to mainly developing the school project to achieve our long-term goal of offering affordable education to girls in Tanzania. The focus will be building more classrooms as we empower the communities through education.

TGTT official office relocation to School project land

True Grasses Tanzania Trust will officially close down its Moshi office and relocate to Kisarawe project land where we have been able to build the office building to reduce on the operational costs of having two offices to manage. This will give the organisation focus on the school building project.

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2016 Achievements

We have received an awesome amount of support and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in us. The constant change and growth of the school project and the smiling faces that we see on the little girls show us how generous people have been in supporting True Grasses work, a cause that we are extremely passionate about and certainly has kept us going. We also want to say a huge thank you to our dedicated staff in Tanzania. We started the year 2016 with a very solid focus on the school project in Masaki, Kisarawe as we continue investing in education that will have a multiplicative positive effect that will influence future generations in the area.

Community water well

Sungwi and Masaki villages in Kisarawe where the school project is located has never-ending water problems and villagers together with their animals have and are always on the constant search of fresh water for their use and animals. True Grasses Tanzania Trust (TGTT) started drilling a water well on the school project land since in 2015 and this year 2016 we finished the well that is now serving the six villages of Kisanga, Mtembetini, Mkololo, Sungwi, Masaki and Mji Mpya with fresh clean drinking water. The well has reduced the time, distances and finances that women and young girls walk to find fresh water for their own use.

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Water Well Update

True Grasses has been working in the Sungwi villages in Kisarawe since 2013 and has travelled for hours with women and girls in search for water. As people have died due to the lack of basic sanitation, the necessity for clean water became very evident. We have been talking to villagers that had received access to a water well and heard them testify that cholera and other water borne diseases were completely eliminated from their villages after being able to fetch water from a well.

The water problem compelled True Grasses to want to immerse ourselves in making a difference by starting the water well project in late 2015. We did this during the height of the dry season so that we could find a relieable water source for the whole year. Though we were cautious, our first attempt to dig a well did not provide enough water and so we decided to make the well deeper. This was done during the second half of the past year. The well is now serving the six villages of Kisanga, Mtembetini, Mkololo, Sungwi, Masaki and Mji Mpya with fresh clean drinking water. It was a remarkable experience and quite a party when water well started producing water. Villagers were celebrating along the path with music as we drove by. Kids were running and screaming, “maji maji” (the Swahili word for water) and the “thank yous” lasted for days.

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New Donor Projects

We have updated our donor projects, setting the focus on the school project. Are you willing to support our cause?

Student Desk & Chair - € 40

Give a student a place to sit and learn and plan her future as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, professional athlete or cook. Wherever they are in the world, our future leaders need to be sitting on school desks today. Make a difference in the life of a girl child today!

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