Kisarawe School Project

Donated: Brick Making Machine

For the last two years, all building activities have been difficult. Buying quality affordable bricks has been expensive and transporting them to the project site has been a challenge. This puts a drain on funds and therefore we have been looking for a way to cut back on a large fraction of construction costs. The only way was buying a brick making machine and producing our own bricks instead of buying them from a supplier. We are finally happy to have acquired our own brick making machine that we tested and we were able to produce 1600 bricks in one week using our new machine. We are now able to ensure good quality of the produced bricks in place. This makes life a whole lot easier for us in regards to building Kisarawe School.

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Kisarawe School Project News

A brief update on what has been going on during these past couple of months at the Kisarawe School Project:

School project architect / surveyor:

The school project land surveying  was put on hold as per the advise from the district land board because of the elections. Now that they are over and everything is back to normal, the survey process is going on though at a slow pace. We are now waiting for the last blue print for all the building drawings to come in, once they have been approved by the district building authorities.

Planting of trees:

We have been waiting on the rainy season, to start the planting of the trees. We are happy that, together with a team of village youths  from the community, the True Grasses team were able to plant shade and fruit trees following the school site plan. This tree planting exercise will go in phases until the whole school project land is finished. We are using this tree planting exercise to raise awareness to the community about dangers of cutting down trees and our plan is to help give the villages surrounding the school project fruit tree once funds come.

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Water issues update

Can you imagine collecting water from the source in this picture? Not just for feeding your animals, watering the garden or doing the house chores, but also for cooking and drinking? Some of the villagers in Kisarawe do!

Everybody understands that the lack of access to a clean water source not only hinders development, but also causes sickness and famine. Water is a key factor for food security expecially in times of increasing droughts and climate insecurities. Therefore providing clean drinking water is fundamental to empowering the local communities. With the help of our supporters, True Grasses was able to construct a hand dug well at the site of the Kisarawe School Project. With this well we are able to meet the needs of the construction work (reducing costs) and to provide clean water to some of the villagers that surround the area. However, the pressure put on this hand dug well is high and consequently access to a larger water source will be needed. The hand dug well has proven that at a depth of 18 meters there is a reliable source of fresh water that can provide for the community. Drilling a well at this site will give the school and the villagers an ongoing flow of water for years to come. Will you help us with this cause?

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Digging a well

We have been sharing the need of water in Kisarawe villages where girls & women walk distances in search of water for their homes and animals. The available water sources are always competed for, by people, animals, crops and also during construction. For example during the construction of the store / office on the Kisarawe school project area, we had to join the line with the local villagers & animals to get water. It was not only time wasting due to the distance but it was costly as we had to buy every 20 liter container at 500 Tsh, yet with the need of a couple of hundreds of liters that we needed each day. 

Because of the acute need of water, True Grasses decided to use the local method to hand dig a well, which is not only difficult but also dangerous to the men that dug the well by hand.

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The roof is up

There was again activity on the site of True Grasses' Kisarawe School Project area. Finally the store and office building is ready for use. The roofing was done together with the laying of the floor and windows & doors installations, all done within three days. On the fourth day we spent our first night in the house. 

As the roof was on and the doors and windows fitted , there was a big sigh for True Grasses, as now our construction equipment is safely kept in the store. 

We were able to identify a hard working, former homeless man who now stays and keeps the house. He was recommended by the village leadership as being a trusted older man, who will keep the house tidy and lively, with farming and rearing chickens on the project land as a way of his rehabilitation process.

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