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Donating Computers

We received over 50 laptops through a donation from LIVIT and we have been able to refurbish over 20 of these with English version of operating system and delivered 10 laptop computers to the Kisarawe community school already. They were handled over to the project manager of the school and during the hand over we had over 20 students who were excited to receive them.

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Additional constructions

Chicken Farm:

Anhart Foundation believes in agriculture and helping those in need with a means to be able to farm and thus gain an income for themselves. We from True Grasses believe in building a sustainable school, thus not relying on sponsors in the future. There have been various projects that are sustainable on their own and help with keeping the school sustainable. An example is the farm, which is providing the workers and students with food from the agriculture happening on the land. A team from Canada that came to visit the school and land, have also sponsored the building of a chicken farm, providing a place for the project to hold more chicken and thus produce eggs, meat and income to the school. The building holds space to keep up to a 1000 chickens, a store on one side for the food and to keep the eggs and a standard room for the manager of the chickens and the farm.

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Sewing machine update

On a hot spring day last May, a group of about 20 people cycled more than 40 kms to sponsor the event ‘Cycling for Sewing Machines’ and 500 Euro’s was collected. With this money, four sewing machines have been bought and there was already a waiting list of 15 ladies for the first lessons to start. Even though the vocational school is not running yet, lessons in vocational skills will be able to start with the sewing lessons in the beginning of 2019. We thank all those that cycled and sponsored this event for making a difference in lives of young women, making them future tailors and with that another chance in livelyhood.

Work on the classrooms continues

Finishing classrooms No. 1 and 2:

Every step is a step, but the awe of white walls, a chalk board and school desks is what we have all been working towards: A school for the children and girls of Kisarawe! There are so many individuals, organisations, foundations and churches that have helped towards this goal and we want to thank all of you! On the picture, you see some of the men that have worked on the constructions in one way or another.

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School desks

Last year at Christmas, True Grasses Netherlands organised a morning and evening for women to come together and make two pieces of Christmas decoration each. One to keep for themselves and the other one to be sold at an elderly people’s home. We ended up with more pieces of decoration than expected and after the event, the sale the next day and additional orders that had come in, 500 Euro’s was collected for school materials.

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