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New Donor Projects

We have updated our donor projects, setting the focus on the school project. Are you willing to support our cause?

Student Desk & Chair - € 40

Give a student a place to sit and learn and plan her future as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, professional athlete or cook. Wherever they are in the world, our future leaders need to be sitting on school desks today. Make a difference in the life of a girl child today!

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Donated: Brick Making Machine

For the last two years, all building activities have been difficult. Buying quality affordable bricks has been expensive and transporting them to the project site has been a challenge. This puts a drain on funds and therefore we have been looking for a way to cut back on a large fraction of construction costs. The only way was buying a brick making machine and producing our own bricks instead of buying them from a supplier. We are finally happy to have acquired our own brick making machine that we tested and we were able to produce 1600 bricks in one week using our new machine. We are now able to ensure good quality of the produced bricks in place. This makes life a whole lot easier for us in regards to building Kisarawe School.

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Soroti Workshop

Generally Soroti town in Uganda accommodates mostly internally displaced refugees who had run away from the Lord’s Army in northern Uganda and those who had been displaced by the Karimonja cattle rustlers in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  With the high unemployment rate and overwhelming poverty among the local residents, a skills training program to the local youths in carpentry skills with a local carpentry trainer was started in 2014. True Grasses has been involved in this workshop since the beginning and has been overseeing the work done. Since early this year (feb 2016), the centre now runs completely under the NGO; it is now called Soroti Youth Skills Centre. The centre equips youths with woodwork skills, business and enterprenuer skills for one year and after graduation they can start their own wood workshops or be employed in the local community as carpenters.

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Kisarawe School Project News

A brief update on what has been going on during these past couple of months at the Kisarawe School Project:

School project architect / surveyor:

The school project land surveying  was put on hold as per the advise from the district land board because of the elections. Now that they are over and everything is back to normal, the survey process is going on though at a slow pace. We are now waiting for the last blue print for all the building drawings to come in, once they have been approved by the district building authorities.

Planting of trees:

We have been waiting on the rainy season, to start the planting of the trees. We are happy that, together with a team of village youths  from the community, the True Grasses team were able to plant shade and fruit trees following the school site plan. This tree planting exercise will go in phases until the whole school project land is finished. We are using this tree planting exercise to raise awareness to the community about dangers of cutting down trees and our plan is to help give the villages surrounding the school project fruit tree once funds come.

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Ready for the second year

Pearl Kindergarten opened for 2016 on January 5th with 18 kids; this with the changes in the government policy of not having any kids above four years at a nursery school as 5 year olds are to join government run schools. The kindergarten closed for the first term holidays for three weeks and opened again for the second term in April. With the government crackdown on poorly run schools, we are happy that Pearly Kindergarten was given a green light to operate and the kindergarten is facing the issue limited space to accommodate the big numbers of kids as we currently have only two classrooms and one trained teacher.

After one full year of serving the mothers and children of Moshi, we are thankful that the local government has supported our goal of educating the community and that parents trust us with their children. The ongoing challenge we have is the limited teaching space and the need to have the playground swings and slides for the kids. Will you support our work in prayer or with your donation?

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