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An urgent need

Here's a friendly but urgent call. The school in Kisarawe is in urgent need of funds to complete the registration of the school.

We were able to start with the first students on the condition that we can arrange the registration this year. Contacts between the local school board and the national government were going well and registration should be arranged shortly. Now it is time for the local leadership to visit the school for the final round of registration and we are looking for funds for some necessary final adaptations. These include paperwork, transport, minor adjustments to the toilets and a certificate that the water from our source is safe.

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Fencing and Store

In the past years many people would still walk across school land property from various directions. Now that students have started going to school there, a life fence is being planted to give security to all those at school. The School fence will provide security to school property, students, farm and finally secure a school.

Furthermore, the school built another extra room that will be used as a school store. With the school expanding and calls for extra space for school storage and also construction equipment.

Good progress on registration

We are thankful for the steps that have been made on the registration of the school and are working towards the last steps to have the school fully registered. It has been a long process since it involves a nursery school, secondary and vocation school hence calling a lot of logistics and permissions but hopefully very soon we will acquire school registration number.

Staff increase

After the pre-form classes and the start of the students coming for 1st grade in secondary schooling, we increased our staff with another two teachers. Now we have five teachers sharing the task between themselves of giving the students the various subjects. Besides this, each teacher has been given the task that he/she is responsible for, such as sports, general school cleanliness etc.

Laboratory demonstration science tables

Now that the school has laboratory demonstration class rooms to teach science for secondary school level, we bought 6 science laboratory tables mounted with water and gas outlets. In the future we hope to expand and add other laboratory appliances so we can offer a broader scale in the sciences.

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