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Classroom update

Classroom block 2

Block 2 had been build and roofed but was waiting on the finishing’s. In February of 2021 this was finished. The windows and doors were fitted, walls plastered and painted and the floor filled and smoothed. Block 2 contains 3 rooms, of which one is designated for the library and the other two for science laboratories. One for physics, which will also be used for training in electrical installation and the other for chemistry and biology.

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When you enter a government office and they are excited with what you’re doing it shows the need is really high. This happened to pastor Mushema and Simon when asking for more information on registering for a vocational school and the various courses that we would like to start this year. The VETA government staff was very happy, welcoming and told how high the need is for there to be a vocational school in Kisarawe. We are hoping to start sewing lessons as well as welding and metal fabrication soon and Mushema is working on the papers for VETA (the government office for vocational course registration). Once the school has those, the sewing lessons will start, followed by the other subjecs, provided we have all the equipment needed.

Construction update

First teachers house

The first building that was built on the school land in 2015 has been used for various functions for example being the organisations and school office, site construction store, accommodation of construction workers. With the constructions going on, the office has finally been able to be transferred to the classroom blocks and this, originally build as a house, is now a home to the administrator. The house was completely finished at the end of last year and with the solar added, she has electricity, so she can do her work with better ease.

3 blocks of classrooms

With the finishing of the 1st block of 3 classrooms, another 2 blocks each with three classrooms have been built up to roofing level and we now have 9 classrooms in total. Though 2 classroom blocks are still waiting to be roofed, the school is really looking good with all these classrooms, office and everything coming in place slowly.

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Solar panels

It has now become an annual Christmas decorations event that Stichting True Grasses organises for ladies in December. Last year’s event sales went to help Kisarawe school purchase solar for the lighting of the school since the school has no form of power supply. From the sales solar power systems have been purchased and installed and now both the teacher’s house and office are provided with light during the night hence security of the school compound is safe and the school staff are able to charge their phones and laptop for the work. This has been a big step forward for the school as the teachers, administrators and other staff is happy with their work. Though more solar panels are still needed to help pump the water of the school well and the school chicken farm still needs lighting.

Kisarawe School Management Board

Having school buildings rise up from the ground is one thing, but when time comes to get a school board together it is another difficult task. But we are grateful that after consultations from the community and our local partnership church, capable and dedicated men and women from the community, church, Kisarawe school teachers and friends of the school have joined to make the local school board. This board will advise, supervise and represent the community and within this short time, they have already given advice on various matters. It is great to seeing the community so involved and take this school project to another level.

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